Fortifying Your Business

Security for Critical Infrastructure

The Threat Is Real: Prepare for the Inevitable.

As the cyber threat landscape continues to evolve, with new threats emerging almost daily, SynapSiS has the ability to track and prepare you to face these threats and help security and risk management leaders improve their organization’s resilience.


Our certified security engineers provide solutions that deliver continuous security assurance across the business landscape. We help protect leading organizations, small to medium sized business, Fortune 500 members, as well as government, education, and the intelligence communities who must adhere to strict cybersecurity standards.

SynapSiS VOLTA: Security Operations Center

The need for and the relevance of a SOC has never been more pressing and pertinent than it is today. Cyber attacks are daily events that must be defended, and SynapSiS VOLTA provides assurance with the ability to respond appropriately and effectively in the event of an attack.


Tips for Protecting Your Systems

The most important place to start is to know the common causes of data breaches and how to avoid them before the damage is done. Following are some simple steps to help protect your business:


  • Protect Data at Your Work Space: When you step away, lock it up!
  • Train your team to be Aware of Phishing Schemes
  • Passwords: Longer is Stronger
  • Recognize Social Engineering

Our Services

Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Scans

Complete rigorous and methodical testing of your network, applications, and hardware. Our team will scope, gather intelligence, conduct vulnerability analysis, exploitation, post exploitation, and reporting.

Red Team

Our Red Team will emulate the tactics, techniques, and procedures used by adversaries to give real world and hard facts on how your team will respond, find gaps within your security program, identify skill gaps within employees, and ultimately increase your security posture.

Security Awareness and Training

Our experienced team can create a custom program to fit your organizational needs and educate them on how to identify online threats such as report data breach (phishing, vishing) and restricted area breach

Incident Response and Cyber Triage

Maintaining data integrity and chain of custody and making sure policies and procedures are in place and conducted in a manner that is professionally handled, even cases where evidence must be submitted in court of law.

SynapSiS Volta-Security Operations Center

Our SOC Team will outsource your security operations and will be responsible for the ongoing, operational component of your enterprise information security.

Vulnerability Assessments

Performing vulnerability scans as part of an assessment is crucial to providing a “full picture” for your security posture. Our team will provide critical insight into your network and help you anticipate security concerns while developing a security maturity model.

Compliance & Regulatory Validation

We advise companies on compliance best practices and the risks associated with developing information security programs and processes. We conduct complete assessments that provide insights to areas that are lacking, and how to focus your compliance efforts.

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