SAP Remediation

Transcendentalism in Self Reliance

Reduce Your Reliance on Expensive SAP Consultants

It’s not a secret that customers overpay for SAP consultants due to perceived market demands, excessive “layers” between the company and the end consultant, and Big 6 profit margins. Historically, labor costs of ERP projects far exceed what they should, resulting in cost overruns that ultimately contribute to a significant undertow of failed projects.


SAP implementations are as complex as they are expensive. The biggest long and short term failure boils down to a lack of a comprehensive training and change management program. Our unique Training and Change Management Program takes the control from the market and puts it back into your hands.

Walking a Path to Self Reliance

Because of our comprehensive and practical approach, our leading SAP training professionals will provide custom, onsite training and documentation that is more effective than generic vendor training materials designed to keep you in the dark.


As SAP training specialists, we understand exactly what is required to design, produce, organize and deliver effective technical and end-user training. This is backed by our experience in supporting SAP implementation and upgrade projects across the Fortune 500 landscape.


Our clients benefit from our extensive knowledge and understanding of how SAP systems are used and supported within a variety of organizations. If your internal resources are stretched, we can provide expert guidance and support that is guaranteed to dramatically reduce your operational support costs.

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