Managed Security for Critical Infrastructure

VOLTA: Making Security Operations Center Scalable and Affordable

Building a Security Operations Center in-house is far from simple. It’s a daunting task that consumes large amounts of resources and money and requires massive amounts of operational planning and coordination. SynapSiS managed SOC services, VOLTA, is designed to easily integrate with your operations and systems, and our rapid deployment means that we are “up and running” in a matter of hours, not months. SynapSiS VOLTA ups the ante by creating a best in class security posture while freeing up an IT department stressed by alert fatigue.

Real Time Threat Detection

Potential threats exist around every corner. They happen so fast that most companies are not prepared to defend and manage the volume and frequency of these modern threats. SynapSiS VOLTA detects threats in real time, and with our 24/7 monitoring services, our rapid response to threats is within seconds. From malware, ransomware, unwanted account creations, lateral movement, and bulk login attempts, our team will detect and mitigate without incident.

We Have You Covered

Vulnerability Analysis & Management


The stakes have never been higher for understanding cyber risk, and the challenges never more daunting. The expanding attack surface has given rise to an unrelenting barrage of vulnerabilities, making it harder to see the few that matter most.

Cloud Security Monitoring


Cloud security can be easily overlooked as virtual resources are so easy to spin up and deploy. It can be detrimental to your enterprise if cloud security isn’t kept in check. Part of that is to have visibility integrated into your Security Operations Center because you can’t protect against what you can’t see.

Compliance Reporting


If your organization is following PCI, HIPAA, NIST, ISO27000, or GDPR, SynapSiS VOLTA can provide out of the box audit reporting, giving you the ability to self audit on a regular basis at will or generate reports for an outside auditor with minimal effort.

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