Innovating IT Transformation

IT Changing The Game Of IT

People to technology – made seamless

Large organizations and their holistic experience with changes across organization/Pan-organization have clearly indicated the following –
The total efforts are bunched into two areas

  • People side of efforts
  • Technology side of efforts

Some of the major steps are (i) adapt (ii) adopt (iii) apply (iv) consume (v) continue

Drivers of this transformation up-close

Some of the external drivers for Transformation being – demand, cost of business , consumers ease of carrying out business tasks

Some of the internal drivers are adapting new technologies – effective management of business, smooth flow of information and business instructions, compliance and regulations

Some of the conditions and constraints to work with during Transformation -continuity of Business , minimal interruptions to business operations , smooth transitions from old to new

The SynapSiS steps to IT transformation

Synapsis IT Transformation Methodology and Strategy includes: Identify business ambitions and agenda Share and communicate “what to expect” with stakeholders Choosing technologies

    • Cloud Strategy
    • Digitalization
    • Emerging Trends like -Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Insights of Data
    • Operating philosophy
    • transformation in several stages and steps
    • transformation cycles
    • Incremental business value in short periods (typically in matter of months)

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